Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Who to Vote for in Barbados Elections BLP or DLP?

Who to Vote for in Barbados Elections


Having read through the flyers for the various candidates and nominations for the next Barbados Elections; I'm utterly confused and not sure who to vote for in 2013!

Do I vote for the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) to stay in power or do I vote for the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) and "A Better Tomorrow". Hmmm, catchy slogan.

I've got less than 24 hours to go and I honestly do not know who to trust for the next 5 years in Barbados Government.

.....and if I trust one or the other will my vote have any significance on a brighter future?

My job is to promote (my hometown) the island of Barbados to the world as the leading travel destination in the Caribbean and the World.

I love my job and my island Barbados. I've lived overseas for 12 years and I am so glad I now reside in Barbados. 

Although I'm not a big socialite, I love the Barbadian people and their honesty (most of them at least;-), the climate, the sunshine, the faith and hope of everyone.

I'm truly blessed! 

Deep down being raised in Barbados, has allowed me to be the man that I am today. I ain't shame, I love the man that I am today! :-)

Thank you Barbados!

Past, Present and Future Governments - I say a prayer, that you will lead my island home for the best interests of its' people at all times.

People that choose to live in Barbados please share, give, live and LOVE!

Be Better Today, Tomorrow and Again!

Here's hoping and praying for a vote for the correct individuals and that our people will be blessed for the next 5 years!

These are my thoughts from Barbados and Beyond.

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