Saturday, 19 January 2013

L I V E - L A U G H - L O V E in B A R B A D O S

It's a Saturday morning in Barbados January 19th, 2013 and I want to give thanks for my life, my family, friends, loved ones and business.

I watched the documentary last night called "Happy" and was astounded to find out that a poor middle eastern man (and his family) who's job was to run people on the rickshaw all year around, is more happier than the average American.

I pray and hope that all people (especially those who have good hearts and are hard workers), learn and see the benefits of being 'exactly' where they are in their lives.

It is not by chance that we are where we are in our lives.

People of Barbados in my home country and people all over the world - Be Grateful for your lives, be Grateful for both the positive and negative things in our lives; these experiences are there to teach us important lessons; the sooner we tackle each problem like this, the easier each issue becomes.

Yeah I know, I know......the problem is right here, right now and God knows you may be hurting or suffering greatly...........but I say NEVER give up. Never stop learning these lessons from lives difficulties.

In "Happy" it also showed a part about this beautiful woman who had 3 great kids and was very popular and I think won modelling competitions etc... and she thought she was happy, but deep inside she wasn't.

After an unfortunate accident she was knocked over by a car and had to endure 30 surgeries mostly for her spine and face. She lost her husband and life looked dismal...........shoot who wouldn't be!

Be she persisted through 30 surgeries and found true love with another man, who loved her for the soul she had inside. What did she say afterwards..........? She couldn't be more happier now than ever before in her life. Now she helps people with similar difficulties and is such an inspiration.

After myself suffering an accident 21 years ago where I, as a jockey of 10 years total) finished 3rd in the race and the horse just fainted while running after the finish line (around 1 m 24 seconds). 

I was in a coma for 2 weeks and up to now I still value those difficulties and what positive things it has brought to my life.

L I V E - L A U G H - L O V E

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